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Kristen Hall's






Dear Readers, 


            My desire to be a teacher stems from the desire to help children grow to reach thier potential. I know in my heart that being a teacher is my purpose in life. Being a teacher is more than just explaining copious amounts of facts to children . It’s about inspiring them to imagine the impossible and encouraging them to reach new heights. Being a teacher is about accepting that every child may not come from the ideal home, but believing they can overcome the challenges they face in order to succeed. I believe that to change the world we need teachers who can inspire students to fall in love with reading in order to become life-long learners. 


            Currently I am pursuing a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at Auburn University. After I graduate, I hope to get a job teaching first or second grade. My plan is to teach for a year or two and then return to college to attain a Master’s degree in Reading. I hope one day to be an instructional reading coach in an amazing school system where I can keep inspiring students to reach their potential. 


~Kristen Hall

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